Candidate Form:
Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC) Talent Pipeline – April 2021

Jointly managed by the United Nations Development Coordination Office (DCO) and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC) Talent Pipeline aims to build a diverse and deep pipeline of high calibre candidates for Resident Coordinator positions, including for posts carrying a Humanitarian Coordinator designation.  Eligible candidates who demonstrate high potential vis-à-vis the RC role will be admitted into the RC/HC Talent Pipeline. Through the pipeline, members will be offered opportunities to further develop their knowledge, competencies and experience in order to better ready them for these roles. The Resident Coordinator Assessment Centre (RCAC) remains a prerequisite for applying to RC and RC/HC job openings.

For detailed information on the RC career track, call, eligibility criteria and related documents, please visit our official website: Click here 

General Form Instructions:

Please note that in order to complete your submission, you will need the following documentation:

  • Two (2) most recent performance appraisals; or (for external candidates only) equivalent documentation that demonstrates a record of strong performance. You will be required to upload them during the application process.
  • While filling out your application, we recommend you have a copy of your most recent CV as you will be required to input a summary of your work experience and education.

Your application needs to be completed using a compatible internet browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) 

All submissions and endorsements (for internal applicants) must be received by Friday, 21 May 2021 23:59 EST*. No late submissions will be accepted.

*Internal applicants should check with their designated HR focal points to meet the internal deadlines set by their parent Organisation. 

Important - If you had previously applied to the RCAC November 2020, please enter the following information to locate any personal profile details in our system.  
Please note that having pre-populated information will significantly reduce the time required to apply. 

Please indicate the email address previously used for the RCAC November 2020 application.
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All submissions and requested documentation will be treated with the strictest confidence.